History and description of the Mas.

Once upon a time there was the Mas des Coulaux...

The Mas des Coulaux was built at a place called "Les Coulaux" between the eighteenth and nineteenth century by the Cortasse and Gardiol families.

From the central patio, it is easy to say the 3 stages of construction. On the right is the oldest building: a dwelling located above the rooms reserved for livestock. This building now serves as a tool shelter and is not rented, except for the vaulted space that houses the garden furniture, the ping-fist table and the barbecue. It is spacious enough to accommodate your bikes as well.

Then, the housing was enlarged and accommodated a large living room where meals were prepared at home. In this typical room of Provencal life At the time, we installed a billiard table. It is very pleasant to play it during the hottest hours of the day or when the weather is less mild. This room opens onto a terrace with a magnificent view of the Moulin de Joucas.

Finally the left part was built around the nineteenth century. The family has could build a beautiful stone building on 2 floors, where you will find most of the amenities of your rental.

The The current park was previously open to pastures and the hotel that is located located not far from the Mas was an old sheepfold, of which it still wears the name.

Kitchen, dining room, living room

On the ground floor you will find the equipped kitchen which overlooks on one side on the patio and on the other on the dining room.

The dining room has all the furniture and crockery for 8 people.

In the living room, you will have free access to television (Free TV box subscription and wifi included in the rental, more than 200 TV channels).

On the first floor, just above the living room, you will find a small office space well connected thanks to the wifi repeater.

On the same floor you will have access to the billiard room and terrace.

Bedrooms and bathrooms

On the first floor you will find 2 spacious bedrooms with bed of 160 * 200.

The rose has a private bathroom, with bathtub.
La bleue has a private bathroom with shower.

On the second floor, you will find 4 bedrooms, open according to the number of travelers:
  • the first with 2 single beds of 90*190
  • the second with a bed of 140 * 190
  • the third with a bed of 140 * 190
  • the fourth reserved for children under 4 years old, with a bed of 120 * 60
From the 2nd floor you can access the green bathroom (with bathtub).

Outdoor spaces

The inner courtyard is very pleasant on sunny days. It is secured by a large wrought iron gate.

The park extends over different levels. Below is the basin water lilies and dragonflies. Higher up you will find the pool, sunny all day. And not far away, you will find the small wood that children like very much to build huts.

For a serene stay

To make your stay pleasant and avoid any unpleasant surprises, we draw your attention to the following points:

Small pests

Some Insects can bother you, especially in summer: tiger mosquitoes that proliferate in southern France, wasps or hornets, sometimes small scorpions hidden under the stones...

The Mas has removable mosquito nets on all windows of bedroom and at the kitchen door. Mosquito repellent diffusers are available.
A venom sucker is also available in the kitchen in case of a sting.

The heat wave

The thermometer can rise very high in summer. The Mas is not air-conditioned, Its wide stone walls watered to the rock were designed to keep freshness inside. On the other hand, it is important to keep the windows and shutters of the rooms closed in summer during the day, otherwise you would cancel this effect by bringing the scorching heat inside!

The rooms on the 2nd floor are more exposed to heat than the others. An air freshener is available if needed.

Surrounding noises

The Mas is located in a quiet hamlet, at the entrance of the village, along from the road that leads to the small village of Murs. It is a quiet place but not exempt from everything noise.

The noise of nature is part of of its charm: when night falls, the dogs bark, then the frogs answer them and then give way to the song of the owl.

If you leave the window open in summer, you can hear the sound of cars taking the road to Murs.

The view

In the garden you have a beautiful view of the Moulin de Joucas and the scrubland.

The garden is enclosed, partly protected by walls and vegetation, but not totally hermetic to the sight of passers-by. Next where you are Find, it happens that you see (and be seen) the rare passers-by of the street, visitors to the Mill (infrequent) or the neighbor who goes once in a while to his field of olive trees.

If this is an inconvenience for you, please contact us before booking.